Eva Longoria In Rag & Bone RagNBone-EvaLongoria-10.jpg

Eva Longoria graduates with a Master’s Degree from CSU! That lady does not only have beauty – but…well, a good head and determination! She didn’t wear those amazing
Rag & Bone Zipper Skinnies in Yellow during her graduation ceremony, LOL, but was spotted later on in them. They fit her perfectly – I wonder if she had them hemmed? I always have this problem with ankle zipper jeans, they are impossible to hem and then they just bundle up at the ankle. And Eva is even shorter than me – like about 5’2″ tops.

Anyway, so refreshing how she wore these yellow babies paired with a simple white v-neck sweater and stiletto strap sandals. The perfect clean and sober look for a new grad!

Eva Longoria In Rag & Bone RagNBone-EvaLongoria-11.jpg