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Intermezzo – Recap

Intermezzo – Recap
Intermezzo - Recap wjeans.JPG

{New brand to watch: wonderjeans}

This time at Intermezzo I tried to focus only on the most interesting and different kinds of denim brands besides just denim in general. I especially want to mention a new brand, Wonder Jeans, or WJeans (see above). This brand from Mexico, with a very informed and adorable Brazilian designer, came up with an amazing idea of butt-perfect-fitting jeans: slimming or enhancing your butt! Insane! This is all I am going to tell you for now, as we will be posting about WJeans ASAP and then explain all the details.

I also need to call your attention to a new brand, D.I.D – yes a new brand and no by a new designer – we all know famous Jimmy Tavernity, ex Taverniti so jeans. He’s the guy behind this new brand. Soon I’ll be telling you more about D.I.D.

So, less said and more seen, have a look at what I found quite different and outstanding in this show and leave your comments. 🙂 – We denimologistas are always interested in what our readers think.

Enjoy the show!

Intermezzo - Recap wjeans denim with yoke.JPG

{w jeans – buttenhancing and/or slimming}

Intermezzo - Recap wjeans white with yoke.JPG

{w jeans}

Intermezzo - Recap sold white with leather.JPG

{SOLD Design Lab – white denim with vegan leather details}

Intermezzo - Recap sold shorts.JPG

{SOLD – coated shorts}

Intermezzo - Recap sold blue denim coated shorts.JPG

{SOLD – coated denim shorts}

Intermezzo - Recap 3x1 denim and white.JPG

{3×1 – denim with strategically placed details. Hint: these are extremely leg slimming, I will try on a pair next week and get back to you about this fit}

Intermezzo - Recap 3x1 front white back black colorblock.JPG

{3×1 – white and black colorblock}

Intermezzo - Recap 3x1 white and black.JPG

{3×1 – tuxedo stripe details}

Intermezzo - Recap cjbycookie camo and ripped.JPG

{cj by Cookie Johnson – plus size insanely fashionable, will be posting their amazing LB this week, so check back here soon}

Intermezzo - Recap current elliott.JPG

{Current/Elliott – always awesome!}

Intermezzo - Recap d.i.d (1).JPG

{D.I.D. by Jimmy Taverniti}

Intermezzo - Recap d.i.d (2).JPG


Intermezzo - Recap D.i.d. net jeans.JPG


Intermezzo - Recap D.I.D. ripped coated jmmy travernity.JPG

{D.I.D. – coated ripped denim}

Intermezzo - Recap david kahn and pastel tie dyed.JPG

{David Kahn – pastel and tie dyed}

Intermezzo - Recap david kahn floral and storng colors.JPG

{David Kahn – floral and strong colors}

Intermezzo - Recap denimocracy so soft.JPG

{Denimocracy – amazingly soft legging jeans}

Intermezzo - Recap denimocracy tie dyed jeans.JPG

{Denimocracy – tie dyed jeans}

Intermezzo - Recap frankie B.JPG

{Frankie B photo print jacket and studded jeans}

Intermezzo - Recap habitual rainbow colors.JPG

{Habitual – rainbow colors}

Intermezzo - Recap James leather.JPG

{James Jeans – insane!!! my future fave jeans lol, perfect for winter, no need for boots!}

Intermezzo - Recap jet.JPG

{Jet by John Eshaya – leather details}

Intermezzo - Recap level99 sarah jeans.JPG

{Level 99 – the Sarah jeans, boyfriend jeans with a crooked side hem, so the jeans will adapt to the legs – RAD! I’ll be doing a write up on these!}

Intermezzo - Recap paperdenim.JPG

{Paperdenim & Cloth – come back stronger than ever!}

Intermezzo - Recap rich and skinny.JPG

{Rich & Skinny – yeah, they are still around! haven’t seen much of them in quite a while}

Intermezzo - Recap velvet heart endossed print.JPG

{Velvet Heart – new LA brand priced very reasonably}

Intermezzo - Recap velvet heart.JPG

{Velvet heart}