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We just recently introduced you to a new brand, Bullet Blues Made In America, and I was really curious about their jeans. I had been following them on Facebook for a while and I was quite impressed by the brand’s philosophy and thoroughness. What I mean by this is, if you go to their website, you don’t find tons of jeans there, but just some well-selected styles in a few washes. Instead of focusing on mass production, Isabelle Benoit, owner and founder of the brand, prefers to pay close attention to each single pair of jeans, in terms of style, fit and wash. I have been e-mailing back and forth with Isabelle and I feel that she has so much love pouring into the manufacturing of her jeans and that she just wants everything to be PERFECT. And this can only be done on a smaller scale when you are just beginning.

So when Isabelle offered me a pair of her jeans to try on, I decided to go for the bootcut, as this is not normally a style I wear and I was curious if this time I would actually love them. Well, you probably can guess my answer LOL! And you know why I did indeed love these jeans – well, first off, they are made of a heavier weight denim, a most important factor for me, if not actually THE most important factor. (I so don’t like thin and light weight denim, especially for bootcuts, as these look kind of sloppy and out of shape when you wear them.)

The feel of the fabric very much reminds me of velvet, it is smooth and absolutely pleasant to wear. The cut is mid-waisted and they hug me perfectly, and the crotch has been designed in a way that you can sit down in these jeans without them sliding down your butt. They do have 1% of stretch – another super important factor for me, as I really don’t like overly stretchy jeans – so this is the perfect amount of stretch for a pair of jeans to follow your movements and not hinder them.

I am totally thrilled with my new pair of bootcuts and I really suggest that you should at least try a pair. Please, note that they run a bit small, so you should upsize by one size.

Well done, Isabelle! And no sweatshops, and made in America – well done again!

You can find Bullet Blues jeans at Made, Mius, CPA Buy American, Apple Pie as well as in Europe, in Prague at Fashion Servis.

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