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A.N.D. F/W 2013 Lookbook

A.N.D. F/W 2013 Lookbook
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Last year, I had the great pleasure of introducing you to a very special brand: A.N.D. This is one of the most environmentally conscious brands I have seen so far. Most of their styles are produced using no water during the production of the jeans. They provide “wears” rather than traditional washes: 50, 150, 250 and 350 wears. A.N.D. believes that women love the look and color of raw denim jeans but do not love the stiff and uncomfortable feel. When water is applied during the manufacturing process, it is a “Home Wash”, which is simply washing the jeans in a standard home washing machine and dryer. They always keep in mind of what happens “when a girl wears her jeans and then washes them”.

This is a totally down to earth (pun intended) concept and after having had the chance to try and wear the brand’s jeans for a few months now, I have to say that I love them more and more, just as with “real” selvedge jeans, these jeans end up “becoming YOUR jeans”.

And apparently I am not the only one thinking this, as I have been seeing A.N.D. jeans in all the better department stores like Barney’s, and Saks and the sales staff is telling me that people who bought them kind of skeptical at first, are coming back for their second and third pairs!

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