Emma Roberts Loves Topshop Jeans

Emma Roberts Loves Topshop Jeans Topshop - EmmaRoberts-01.jpg

Emma Roberts has been snapped several times now in her Topshop Moto black rip knee Jamie jeans and I can’t blame her for it. These jeans are not only cool, but also very reasonably priced, $80, at a time, when you can’t find premium denim for less than $180. Her cropped blue motorcycle jacket rocks. It’s the perfect way out if you want to wear your leather even in spring time. This shade of blue really makes me feel like summer, think blue blue sky….SIGH! I am almost forgetting what a summer sky looks like here in drab NYC. 🙁

Emma Roberts Loves Topshop Jeans Topshop - EmmaRoberts-02.jpg
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Lisette Geller
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