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Oh yeah, I have had it with the LBD -“Little Black Dress” and the LWD – “Little White Dress” and of course, trust J Brand to gauge my mood and come up with the (perfect) LBJ – Little Black Jean! They sure know that I am not into dresses but still, sometimes need to “dress” up and bingo – now I have the perfect option!

– “J Brand will team with luxury retailer, Selfridges, to debut a new collection – The Little Black Jean – in June 2013. The exclusive product launch will coincide with the opening of the Denim Studio in Selfridges, London.The collection will be comprised of three styles of specially designed ultra-luxurious skinny black jeans.

J Brand’s patented Little Black Jean pays homage to one of the most iconic designs in the history of fashion – the Little Black Dress. J Brand’s contemporary interpretation is a new kind of classic with a new kind of chic.The Little Black Jean seamlessly and artfully blends the ease of jeans with the sophistication of the Little Black Dress.The evolution of the Little Black Jean begins with the peerless appeal of J Brand style. J Brand started with the familiar silhouette of its popular skinny jean and the idea that wearing black for evening is decidedly timeless; then unpredictably paired its ideal, precise cuts with innovative new nylon stretch cotton fabric. The deep black sheen of the fabric is embellished with bright 24K gold plated detailing that lends a dash of glamor to the overall design.

The Little Black Jean will be available at the Denim Studio, Selfridges, London, from June 2013.” –

But hey, what about us that do not live close to Selfridges??

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