Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-selvage straight2.jpg

The other day I went to check out the 3×1 store in Soho, NYC. It was an amazing experience. Not only do they have their own factory right there in the store and visible to everybody that walks in, but they also have tons of raw denim of all kinds exposed for customizing your own pair of jeans.

I tried on a few of the colorblock jeans that I have shown you here before, but in the end, I opted for a pair of selvedge jeans, because, even though I absolutely love the colorblock jeans, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find a pair of selvedge jeans for women. I needed to get these and that was that. Absolutely love at first sight. Even though these jeans are made of a raw selvedge denim, 3X1has cut them in a way that they are not stiff and heavy as you come to think of selvedge, but amazingly soft. They followed my body line totally and were not baggy or bunching up. They are made of 100% cotton, but, let me tell you, they feel so soft and comfy that I could have sworn they had some stretch in them, but they do NOT – I have double checked with the peeps from 3×1. They have a mid-rise and the style is, as I said before, a relaxed boyjean – not BOYFRIEND! but boyjean! The difference is that these jeans fit more like a slouchier straight jean than a boyfriend which tends to be more on the baggy side.

And guess what! They hemmed the jeans for me right then and there by sewing back the original hem, which is a MUST for us denim heads!

You can find these jeans at shopbop, and, if you are a fan of selvedge, unadulterated REAL denim, I strongly suggest you try on a pair! The price of $325 is a bit steep, but believe me, this is one of the purchases you will never regret!

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Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-w2.47.71-wetx5-1.jpeg
Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-w2.47.71-wetx5-2.jpeg
Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-w2.47.71-wetx5-4.jpeg
Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-w2.47.71-wetx5-3.jpeg
Lisette Loves: 3x1 Selvedge Boyjeans 3x1-W2 selvadge straight.jpeg