Meltin'Pot Introduces "Vintech" For S/S 2014 MeltinPotpant_U senza.jpg

Italian brand Meltin’Pot has come up with a new fabric for S/S 2014 – VINTECH. When I first saw this image I was thinking, surreal, futuristic, science fiction! But this image is just to show the benefits of this new fabric, and when you read what this is about you are going to be like, I need NOW! Whoa, Meltin’Pot this is awesome!

Here is what Vintech is all about:

“For SS’14 research and experimentation become the focus behind the KLSH collection, with the use of the latest construction techniques and developments in materials, together with the creation of a uniquely incomparable high performance denim fabric: VINTECH dual core technology.

Designed to maintain a rigid and raw effect but with the performance characteristics of a stretch fabric, the VINTECH denim with dual core technology ensures a perfect fit and guarantees minimal changes and deformations to the fit.

The fabric improves both the performance of the color fixing, and the stability of the indigo. The collection also boasts a unique 3D design that is also unparalleled in terms of structure, fit and performance.

This is a fine example of where design meets and unifies with the latest material technology, which results in product perfection”.

Just in case you didn’t understand that, it means that the good folks at Meltin’Pot have developed a fabric and manufacturing technique that lets their jeans keep their shape and color much better than current brands. Now, I really need to see what this is all about, don’t you? Check back here as I will be posting about this amazing collection soon.