You all know AGAVE jeans, right! Well, Jeff Shafer, owner of AGAVE, is introducing his newest baby: [search]Bluer Denim[/search]. With this new denim line he will provide new and better denim choices to 18 to 24ish men and women, creatives, makers, made in America activists, fashionistas and denim-heads.

Bluer Denim is a web-only, direct from designer to consumer, business model. Because of their direct model, Bluer Denim will be able to deliver true premium denim at previously impossible prices.

They will also introduce their “HOME TRY ON” experience, made in America quality, transparent supply chain, “BUY ONE GIVE ONE” denim recycling/repurposing program and a corporate responsibility promise. They hope to change the denim apparel industry, one pair of jeans at a time. Their campaign is not only about authentic premium USA made denim with an impeccable fit, it’s about personalization, exploration, convenience and giving back to the community.

Sound good? Well, personally, I have known Jeff Shafer for a while now and I can confirm that he is an absolutely serious and determined kind of guy and he delivers what he promises.

Check back here next week for more details about Bluer Denim:-)