Nik Wallenda In Buffalo Jeans Buffalo-nik-wallenda-04.jpg

WOWSER!! Yesterday, WPLJ Radio in NY spoke to Nik Wallenda about his wire walk
across the Grand Canyon. People around the world were wondering why he was wearing jeans. (I knew why. What I was wondering was why the heck he was walking on a 2″ wire without any safety gear whatsoever across the Grand Canyon!!! And don’t say, “to get to the other side.”) Scott & Todd from ‘PLJ asked him why he went with denim and what kind of jeans he was wearing. Here is what he answered:

“I was wearing Buffalo Jeans which is my favorite brand of jeans. They are very, very
comfortable and they are just perfect for walking the wire.”

Well, there is not much else for me to add here, is there?! :-O

He was wearing a pair of Buffalo David Bitton’s Six jean, which will be renamed by the brand as the “Nik”.

Nik Wallenda In Buffalo Jeans Buffalo-nik-wallenda-300x400.jpg