PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-20_kvatek_prps_AE8U1955.jpg

PRPS – how we have missed you here at Denimology! Elusive and extremely hard to find, because they are ALWAYS sold out of everything, PRPS really knows how to give you dudes the rugged, masculine look. And this PRPS Goods F/W 2013 lookbook does not disappoint! Donwan Harrell, creator and founder of PRPS Goods, never ceases to amaze me – for instance, he takes a plain denim jacket and transforms it into an amazingly detailed and constructed denim jacket (above).

Here is what Donwan tells us about his newest creation:

“The Grizzly Adams television series may have ended in the late 1970’s but its legacy lives on as the inspiration for Donwan Harrell’s fall/winter 2013 collection for Prps Goods & Co. Especially capturing of Donwan’s keen eye was the show’s depiction of life in the wild, sweeping landscape cinematography, and the range of wildlife encountered in the mountains.

Blues, browns, and blacks in shades, as vast as nature herself can create, compose the color palette for this season’s collection. All-over prints capture the wild animals that call this landscape home, in designs that instill an illusion of camouflage. Tribal prints pay homage to the peoples that call the land home.

Outerwear is enhanced with cotton bases made of oil cloth, leather trims, and lambskin leather. Coat sleeves zip on or off to keep body temperature moderate. Button-downs keep you warm in flannels and dyed corduroy; the signature revival of the Naval Deckman silhouette carries into Fall 2013. Even tees are designed to keep you warm this season, made of the most comfortable fleece. Details enhance the already-unique collection; buttons are made of corzo nut and even cardigans are constructed two-ply.”

As always, PRPS Goods you ROCK!

PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-06_kvatek_prps_2T2I0733.jpg
PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-08_kvatek_prps_AE8U1153.jpg
PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-05_kvatek_prps_AE8U0713.jpg
PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-03.jpg
PRPS Goods F/W 2013 Lookbook prps-fw13-03_kvatek_prps_AE8U0372.jpg

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