7 For All Mankind Holiday 2013 Women's Lookbook 7FAM-H13-W--09.jpg

I really like the 7 for All Mankind brand for one specific reason: they simply offer us any kind of denim we could possibly imagine. Their collections include classic blues, destructed skinnies and boyfriends, they offer us prints and coated, and much more. Being a personal shopper, this is one of the brands I prefer to go to first, because I cannot go wrong here.

For this coming holiday season, I want to point out the coated snake print (see above), which is really awesome. I saw them at their press preview and was big-time impressed, they look so real, it seems like you are actually wearing a glittering wet looking snake on your legs – I am NOT kidding you!

And there are so many more styles that I certainly will keep you updated with.
Seven, you ROCK!

7 For All Mankind Holiday 2013 Women's Lookbook 7FAM-H13-W--10.jpg

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