Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-14_Stephen Dorff;Renzo Rosso;  Jamie Campbell Bower_{filname}.JPG
{Renzo, Mr. Diesel, shown here in the middle!}

Diesel Black Gold, the high end label of famous Diesel, does not have a lot of denim in their S/S 2014 collection, but the few pieces they have absolutely rock. Like the denim jacket with prints shown below, or the all white outfit, the white jeans paired with a white blazer! Definitely DBG clothes are making me think of date night and summer fun!

About this collection:

“It’s silent war between nature and technology. Two clashing worlds, an historical duality: a never ending crusade. A furious nature is getting ready for the battle: iconic pieces such as motorcycle jackets, parkas, bombers, used to fight the futuristic antagonist. Botanical elements and flowery jacquards are dominating: genetic surprises, mechanical plants, the environment is becoming wilder and unpredictable. Technology fights back with juxtaposed fabrics and innovative finishing touches. Military style and workwear evolve into tailored suits, enriched by technical materials and geometries. Black and white are the key of the collection’s color card, together with navy, indigo blue and ice grey.The two worlds finally collide into denim, through new textures & finishes, identifying the Diesel Black Gold DNA: from all over indigo tuxedo jackets and biker pants to the more traditional 5-pockets.”

Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-Look06.JPG
Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-Look03.JPG
Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-Look01.JPG
Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-Look22.JPG
Diesel Black Gold Denim Looks S/S 2014 DieselBlackGold-Look31.JPG