Earugby - The Cropped Skinny  EARUGBY-7-2013-4.jpg

Last year we introduced you to a new brand from New York, EARUGBY. They just came out with some cropped skinny jeans perfect for this summer weather and I wanted to share with you Denimology readers.

I would like to especially point out their white jeans, as it has been quite difficult for me to get a pair for myself which is: 1) not transparent, 2) not too stretchy and 3) of a heavier weight denim. Earugby literally made these jeans for me (well, they could have!), as they fulfilled all my requirements. They send me a pair to try on, and hey, I would not have any reason to write about them unless it was absolutely true and awesome! The jeans fit like a glove without pinching or gapping. They are NOT transparent and they are made of a heavier denim and still have a perfect 2% stretch.

Now, the best thing is that Earugby is offering a 20% off coupon code to use on their website – go for it!

Earugby - The Cropped Skinny  EARUGBY-7-2013-1.jpg
Earugby - The Cropped Skinny  EARUGBY-7-2013-2.jpg
Earugby - The Cropped Skinny  EARUGBY-7-2013-3.jpg