Fidelity Denim F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Fidelity-FW13-01.jpg

Fidelity has been showing us amazing collections for quite some time now of their made-in-the-USA jeans . What caught my attention most in this lookbook were the jeans with the long ankle zipper shown above and the ones below with the studded knees – a truly creative version of a possible motorcycle style, as you can see in the full image of these jeans below. Another style that I would like to point out, last thumbnail row in the middle, are the “straight” skinny jeans which have become quite popular. You can either wear them down with high heels or roll up the cuffs and get a totally different look with the same pair of jeans. This makes the style very versatile. AND, my fave style seems to be making a big comeback (I have noted this trend quite a lot lately!) – the skinny slouchy jeans, cropped – check out the image on the second thumbnail row first to the left!

Beautiful collection, Fidelity!

Fidelity Denim F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Fidelity-FW13-06.jpg
Fidelity Denim F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Fidelity-FW13-02.jpg
Fidelity Denim F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Fidelity-FW13-15.jpg

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