Introducing: Anine Bing F/W 2013 Lookbook AnineBing-F13--04.jpg

Well, the deal with Anine Bing is the following: I have been seeing celebs like Kourtney K and Kate Bosworth among quite a lot of others wearing these double zipper jeans, and I got a “hello Lisette, we need to do a post about these amazing double zipper jeans” from our product reviewer, Jen, so what else could I do – and here you go, check out these amazing jeans.

Anine about Anine Bing:

-“I have been a part of the Scandinavian fashion industry since I was 15.

First I was a model, and as I traveled throughout Europe and then the wider world, I was a sponge soaking up art, design, culture, style and every element of the fashion industry.

Then I explored my passion for music as the lead singer of the band Kill Your Darlings.

Now I have a new outlet for my creativity – and I pour everything I have experienced into this line.

I start by designing something I really want in my own wardrobe.

So the label is naturally tailored towards city girls, who travel the world, who are fashion forward and who are passionate about art and music and want to “wear their lifestyle” day and night.

The fit and the quality of the pieces are my highest priority – along with providing the modern urban woman with a stylish, flexible wardrobe that embodies the bohemian rock look.

ANINE BING is the story of my life – I can’t wait for the next chapter… “-

I’m curious about these jeans and how they fit and how they feel, hopefully I will be able to check them out sometime soon here in NYC! 🙂

Introducing: Anine Bing F/W 2013 Lookbook AnineBing-F13--08.jpg
Introducing: Anine Bing F/W 2013 Lookbook AnineBing-F13--19.jpg

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