Introducing: Billtornade F/W 2013 Billtornade-FW13-09.jpg

Well, here is a French menswear haute couture brand for you! Billtornade – as the brand claims – is the “expression of French creativity”.

Starting with a denim “manteau” (translates as “topcoat”), stitched with beige thread lining and sub-collar inlay, to colorblocking multi panel shirts; raw indigo jeans also with beige thread linings….I have not seen anything like this so far here in the US. Check out those grey wax coated jeans below, so simple, apparently, but they “scream” classy!! I guess it is because the French actually love to “create” different denim for a more sophisticated and cosmopolitan customer!

Introducing: Billtornade F/W 2013 Billtornade-FW13-21.jpg
Introducing: Billtornade F/W 2013 Billtornade-FW13-16.jpg

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