Kanye West X A.P.C. Collaboration KanyeWest.jpg

Kanye West has been really busy! First, his new baby North West, and now we just found out that he is into a collab with renowned A.P.C., the French brand that has really amazing jeans! Are they gonna call this collaboration the “SOUTH WEST A.P.C.” ? Just kiddin’!

Here’s what I heard about this event:

“Wondering why Kanye West spent so much time in Paris this spring? The secret’s out: He is officially collaborating with French denim line A.P.C., the brand announced on Instagram.

Details about the collaboration are still scarce (all we know is that it will launch on Bastille Day, July 14, and West’s website is now a giant photo of the new label), but a W Magazine profile of the rapper noted that it would include jeans, T-shirts, and hoodies that combine West’s fashion-forward silhouettes with the cool minimalism for which the French brand is known.”

Guys, I am really curious about Kanye’s newest baby! Check back here for more info soon.