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Lisette Loves: J Brand Midori Boyjeans

Lisette Loves: J Brand Midori Boyjeans
Lisette Loves: J Brand Midori Boyjeans 9037O231_Bigtime_FR.jpg

When I received these jeans totally unexpected in the mail, I was like – wow somebody at J Brand HQ really has my number. They absolutely know what I love and how I love it!! Blake, thank you for thinking of me and thank you for – most important – making me feel special and cared for by choosing exactly the kind of jean that YOU KNEW I would love!

The J Brand peeps know I am not a fan of stretchy boring dark blue skinny jeans – and if you are reading Denimology regularly, you also have figured that out already LOL. Well, the Midori boyjean is anything but! First off, it isn’t baggy or slouchy like a boyfriend jean, and second it is not a skinny jean. It is right in between, meaning, it looks like a slouchier version of a skinny jean. The feel of this fabric is amazingly soft, but resistant, which means that I will be wearing these jeans without having to worry that they will stretch out during the day and end up looking kind of “lived in” by the time the evening comes. The composition of 98% cotton and 2% elastane, gives the Midori just the right amount of stretch and is still rigid enough to make me happy!

Which makes me think: if a mega brand like J Brand takes such good care of one single person, me, can you imagine how much care they must be taking with everything else as well…I am just trying to point out once again that I saw with my own eyes how dedicated Jeff Rudes, Mr. J Brand, as I call him, is to creating outstanding and extremely well fitting jeans. Nothing, be it an inside seam, or the inside label, or even the perfect position of the back pockets, is left to chance. Everything is totally studied and researched and tested over and over again before a pair of jeans goes into final production.

So here you go, this is the answer to “why is J Brand SOOO enormously successful and they don’t even have a label on their jean’s back pockets”…total dedication and total commitment not only to the creation of their jeans, but also to their potential customers.

But enough said, go and get these insane Midori in the Bigtime wash NOW, as this wash will not continue for next season and it is one of the coolest jeans I have seen from J Brand for this summer season.

Lisette Loves: J Brand Midori Boyjeans 9037O231_BIGTIME.jpg