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This time we have: When Italian denim meets American, or, even better, New York accessory brand. This can only be good, kids! I KNOW and OWN and LOVE Meltin’Pot jeans and I run around with my Manhattan Portage backpack bought in the heart of Soho in Manhattan! So I am really excited about this collaboration and need to share it with you.

About this collaboration:

“Augusto Romano {Signore Meltin’Pot!} said, “We are really excited about this collaboration with Manhattan Portage, as the company’s, history, energy, creativity and consumers, perfectly align themselves with those of Meltin’Pot”. “When thinking about a line of Meltin’Pot inspired bags and accessories, the style and quality of the products that Manhattan Portage produces mirror everything I had
in mind and this is why I love this collaboration”

Born out of the challenging and gritty landscape of New York City streets back in 1983, Manhattan Portage is a pioneer of authentic messenger bags that created a new urban lifestyle and changed the face of fashion forever. With its iconic red label of
the Manhattan skyline sewn on every bag, backpack and briefcase, Manhattan Portage has outgrown its local roots and become more than an urban icon. A reliable, tested and versatile companion on the streets – Manhattan Portage is New York Tough.

Jerome Michaux (Manhattan Portage} added: “This is our first collaboration with an authentic Italian denim brand and it represents an unique opportunity to reach out to Denim lovers in Italy and beyond. By combining the creative minds at Meltin’Pot
and the New York toughness of our bags it is with great anticipation that we are about to launch these one-of-a-kind collections”

Meltin'Pot x Manhattan Portage MLTP DNM GROUP.jpg
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