Mother - Wander Fall 2013 Lookbook MotherWander-F13-13.jpg

For this coming fall, Mother is showing us denim with baroque and tapestry prints besides their so well known staples of skinny and super skinny jeans. The washes of the jeans are more saturated and not ripped or destroyed.

When I received their lookbook, I loved their little “essay” about this new collection:

“For Mother Fall 2013, Wander hungrily indulges in the excessive and polished drama of the Baroque and Desperate. Adorned opulence explodes, implodes and is juxtaposed with sportive irony.

Gliding through the studded corridors on the Wings of Death Metal, we meet the Belle of the Ball and are enchanted by all of its jewels and treasures. Interpreted both in embellished stories and in prints, a Bump in the Night is heard loud and clear and somebody Else’s Fairytale twists a brilliant kaleidoscope of transparent luster.

Mother is further satiated with quiet quilting, disciplined animal print and restrained Turkish embroidered tapestries. The Black Sheep and the Princess become Tongue Tied as Wild Flowers explode into a water-colored shower of gems.

Meanwhile running through the field, The Trainer and The Misfit alike, are knit as one, under Isle of Sky Lite and Isle of Sky Nite; Castaway in baby blue dreams of a brighter day. Fortune is found, the trophy is earned. Saturated visions of the past are alive.

Mother wanders on …”

“The Poetic Wander Collection”! No?!

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Mother - Wander Fall 2013 Lookbook MotherWander-F13-16.jpg
Mother - Wander Fall 2013 Lookbook MotherWander-F13-23.jpg

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