It is absolutely high summer season and we are like – shred the jeans, gimme some shorts pretty pleeease….! So, here comes California brand Ruby Starling and boy, I mean, woman!, do they ever have a selection of shorts WHOA!

From its west coast origins in 2012, Ruby Starling has had a devotion to capturing a carefree lifestyle through fashion. With a passion for classic rock and 1970’s culture,
founder Amber Dennis set out to create wearable pieces which reflected these loves. She was soon joined by her other half, Johnny Kaye who left behind a life of touring in a rock n roll band. The two set out to capture rebellious style using the finest denim fabrics and wash techniques along with an emphasis on fit and style to create must-have pieces that redefine effortless cool. They named the brand after their newborn daughter, Ruby.

“The “Starling” girl is a rebel. She is brave and always takes risks. Her confidence and carefree spirit is an inspiration to all. She wanders the world with love in her heart, freedom on her mind, and fashion in her soul.”

Check out Ruby’s awesome lookbook here @ in the next post!