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Just last week Rebecca Minkoff Launched her brand new denim line. We have taken this opportunity to ask Rebecca a few questions and here is what she told us:

Q: Rebecca, you are known and loved for being a “bag lady” LOL! There is not one fashionista out there that has not yet heard about your famous “the morning after” bag. What made you decide to venture into the denim market?

A: I love denim and I wanted to give my customer another casual staple to add to her wardrobe. It was important to me that the jeans be a premium quality, but also a great price for my customer. Our price range for the denim and t-shirts is $48 – $128.

Q: How will your jeans be different from all the other denim brands out there?

A: All of our Rebecca Minkoff DENIM is made in the heart of downtown Los Angeles with the finest quality, locally-sourced, power stretch fabrics. For this venture, we are partnering with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign. With each purchase from the collection, a donation will be triggered to No Kid Hungry, which can connect a child in need with up to 20 meals, such as school breakfasts and summer meals. What else is better than getting a new pair of great jeans and at the same time, making steps towards ending childhood hunger!

Q: What essential jeans should every woman have in their wardrobe?

A: Every woman should have a pair of excellent dark grey skinny jeans that she can dress up or dress down. In my new line, the answer to that key piece is the Jane skinny jean in a dark grey wash.

Q: What are the first pair of jeans you remember?

A: I remember a pair of jeans that I had to have in middle school- light stone wash. They were a little baggy and a must have for that moment in time!

Q: What have been your favorite pair of jeans that you have owned and why?

A: There was a near and dear pair of jeans that I owned in high school that traveled with me to NYC for college. I wore them so much they ended up falling apart, but they were a great pair!

Q: How many pairs of jeans do you currently own and which ones do you wear the most?

A: I own quite a few styles, I think I’ve lost count! I’m currently living in our dark grey skinny style and our boyfriend style.

Q: Who is your current favorite denim icon (male & female). I am thinking the person who has the most denim style?

A: I love that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Audrey Hepburn is playing the guitar and singing Moon River on her fire escape. She’s wearing pair of jeans in that scene, and it’s so unexpected, but very chic at the same time. Her character is so glamorous and feminine in that movie, but in this scene she really encapsulates the notion of tomboy glamor.

Q: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans

A: I think Brigitte Bardot brought a whole new level of sex appeal to denim. I’d love to see how she’d style a pair from my line!

Q/A With Rebecca Minkoff RebeccaMinkoff-01.jpg
{Rebecca in one of her jeans at her store Opening in Soho}