Robert Pattinson in (sexy) skinny black jeans RobertPattison-BlackSkinnies-01.jpg

Robert Pattinson holds onto his own bags while exiting Pearson International Airport after arriving in Toronto, Canada. In my opinion, Robert is one of a rare subspecies of men that really know how to wear skinny tiny hugging everything jeans and don’t we, at Denimology, just drool over him!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, we don’t see enough sexy and cool celeb guys wearing skinny jeans. With a few exceptions, all seem to prefer a rather slouchy or baggier-looking style. Guys, start borrowing the jeans from your girlfriends, time for you to make your statements in girlfriend jeans.

Robert Pattinson in (sexy) skinny black jeans RobertPattison-BlackSkinnies-02.jpg