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Ashley Tisdale in NSF

Ashley Tisdale in NSF
Ashley Tisdale in NSF NSF-AshleyTisdale-01.jpg

I love when I spot a celeb in a pair of jeans that I love LOL! Ashley Tisdale here is wearing one of my treasured NSF jeans, a boyfriend style with slight rips in a lighter wash. These jeans are amazing, no stretch but made of 100% cotton, button fly and exactly true to the meaning of boyfriend jean – they could really be his! I have been a stout admirer of NSF for quite some time and I have seen them growing and becoming quite well known with the cult peeps. Selling in high end stores like Barney’sand online at Shopbop, they absolutely are a MUST for those of us who love their boyfriends (-jeans!).

Ashley Tisdale in NSF NSF-AshleyTisdale-02.jpg