Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--21.jpg

Based entirely on the colors blue, black and grey, Dr. Denim shows his very basic and no frill fall 2013 collection. I can’t help but feeling a kind of “sobriety” when I look at these images….probably because of the photography, which, btw, is stunning, even though it tends to obscure the most important thing – the jeans!

Here is what Dr.Denim tells us about the Escapism collection:

“Our key words for the collection are: Create/Change/Improve These words capture the essence of Modernism – the cultural movement which emerged in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and which is our key source of inspiration for form, color and structure – but they also represent what we have intended to do with the collection in general, namely Create, Change and Improve. Speaking of inspiration, the works of Belgian architect Julian Lampens are of particular interest to us this season and form the basis of much of our design. His way of combining form and harmony is something we find appealing. This source of inspiration gives us an interesting starting point for garment construction and graphics but also wash treatments and colors for our denim collection. Key colors are primarily the grey scale and deep shades of blue which, for natural reasons, have a very special meaning to us.”

I am really curious how this denim looks and feels, and I hope that soon we can find out right here in the USA as well. Please Dr. Denim? 🙂

Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--11.jpg
Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--08.jpg
Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--05.jpg
Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--13.jpg
Dr. Denim - Escapism F/W 2013 Lookbook DrDenim-Escapism--14.jpg

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