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I have had the pleasure of meeting the owner and creator of this just recently launched brand, “The Viper Room” on several occasions, like when he was working with Notify and Salsa, among other brands. Elias has decided to create his own brands – KUUDOS to you, Elias! – and by what he tells us this is just the kind of philosophy behind the brand that I love and understand:

“Yes we built a Rock N’ Roll denim couture line for the iconic venue that actor Johnny Depp opened in the 90’s!
Obviously, this is just not everybody’s jeans: Skinny fit, everything is made in Los Angeles, USA, using Japanese denim from the Kurabo fabric factory. The jeans are 1% stretch. They are also washed, coated etc in LA.
The jeans will retail $160 for the raw, and $275 for the special treatment like coating, which produces that leather look we love.”

Viper Room will officially launch during Fashion Week here in NYC, and their collections will be available by the end of September, middle of October. We will certainly keep you posted.

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