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For a few years now Madewell has been investing heavily in their denim collections. I have to say that most of the time, I really thought their jeans fit me very well and I used to love their boyjeans – unfortunately, it looks like they have not included those in their new collection. What a shame, Madewell! 🙁

But, here is what they are telling us about their new jeans:

“High quality denim is our thing, so when we discovered this state-of-the art fabric we knew it was something extraordinary: The yarn features a stretchy core wrapped in soft cotton–the fabric is then finished off with heat treatment before being handcrafted by our denim experts and washed to perfection. The result? Jeans that have an easygoing heritage look and feel–but with a totally modern fit and finish. (So now our signature styles are twice as nice.)

• We changed our jeans- the fit, the fabric, the works…

• Our new denim has tons of stretch and it does some pretty life-altering things to the rear view

• We cured the bag-out situation. Our denim bounces back and holds its shape (so that means no more sad, saggy late afternoon knees after hours of traveling, sitting, etc.)

• We did all this in our new LA Digs. We created a denim design studio out west (in one or the world capitals for jeans) so we could take handcrafted approach to each fit and finish, rivet and wash

• 12 washes, 4 different fits”

Madewell jeans are available at their stores or on their website with a price range of $98 to $125.

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