Thumbnail image for making_a_difference_1000_ICON_ONLY.jpg As the new owner of Denimology, I find myself with a unique opportunity: the opportunity to make a difference in the world through what we do at Denimology.

It was a little over seven years ago that I had a cancer scare. It resulted in surgeons removing a quarter of my pancreas, spleen and gall bladder. Fortunately, all the tumors were benign. As part of that process, however, I remember a central and important question that I asked myself: Did my life have meaning or by living had I made the world a better place to live?

I believe everyone internally asks themselves that question in some form when faced with their own mortality.

So in addition to all of our breaking denim news and advice that we post, I have decided to promote and write about people and companies within the fashion world (not only denim) who are trying to make a difference in the world.

I hope that I’ll have a lot of content to write about. If you are aware of people and companies who are making a difference, please drop me a line at [email protected].

Together, let’s make a difference one post at a time!