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Making a Difference – “Bags for Breasts”


Thumbnail image for making_a_difference_1000_ICON_ONLY.jpg“Bags for Breasts” is a charitable promise by start-up luxury leather handbag company “Cutey” to donate 10% of their first year profits to breast cancer charity, which is a subject close to their heart.

I caught up with Chris Palmer, one of the founders, to talk about his company and his “Bags for Breasts” campaign.

“Bags for Breasts” is a creative tagline. How did you come up with it?

I thought the title “Bags for Breasts” might be catchy and hopefully stand out to some of the publicists’ eye, I’m well aware that they must get hundreds of e-mails a day, so I was hoping to make an impact. The fact that it linked in to what we’re doing was a “happy accident” you might say.

How would you respond to skeptics that say programs like this are only used to drive business and are not sincere?

Unfortunately like you say, we’re well aware of the schemes some companies play into. Having both our owners experience personal losses due to Breast Cancer, we’re fully committed to making a difference. We also compete in various campaigns outside of Bags, such as competing in charitable events and raising money.

What are your expectations for the size of the donation that you plan to make after your first year and why just the first year? Any plans to continue or support other charitable causes moving forward?

We hope to raise as much as possible when it comes to the donation. The more, the merrier! We’re not limiting our donation, so we’re hoping to raise as much as we can. We hope to continue the campaign through the years. We’ve currently set it to 1 year as to give ourselves a time frame, see how much we can raise and then reevaluate and see if we can’t up the donation, or do something which could make an even bigger difference!

I also see bracelets on your site. Any chance that we’ll see a “Bracelets for Breasts” campaign?

Our business started first with bracelets and we donated a lot of bracelets to causes and people, for example, who wanted a Shamballa Bracelet, but didn’t have the money to buy one. So through ideas like this, we managed to help people in underprivileged areas have something nice, as well as donating prizes to various cancer fundraising competitions.

How would you suggest others in the fashion industry get involved in making the world a better place to live?

I would urge others to follow in our footsteps and pledge to donate a portion of their profits to charity, especially with some companies charge upwards of £1,000 for a bag. It would be a small chunk of the profit they are making. We at Cutey continue to do all we can to help and support charities & want to make the world a happier, more loving place.

You can learn more about “Bags for Breasts” here. Thanks to Cutey for stepping up and making a difference! Shop at Cutey and help them make a difference in the fight against breast cancer!