Nobody S/S 2014 (Our F/W 2014) Nobody-SS13-14-09.jpg

I think I am going to move to Australia for the winter months. Not only will I be able to escape the cold and bleak and grey season, as well as the hurricanes and snowstorms, but I will get to stay at the beach, wear beautiful light blue washed and ripped jeans and shorts…..SIGH, forgive me for daydreaming here! But this is what this awesome Australian brand NOBODY does to me. Seriously, don’t you feel like jumping forward to summer and wearing those skinnies, slouchies, boyfriends and stonewashed jeans from the Nobody Summer 2014 collection?!

Hello Nobody, please get me a room at the beach with a closet full of your denim, one of each please LOL!!

Nobody S/S 2014 (Our F/W 2014) Nobody-SS13-14-21.jpg
Nobody S/S 2014 (Our F/W 2014) Nobody-SS13-14-22.jpg
Nobody S/S 2014 (Our F/W 2014) Nobody-SS13-14-28.jpg

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