R13 F/W 2013 Lookbook  R13-New-FW13-22.jpg

NY brand R13 – known for its obscurity and its very hard-to-find denim and tops – did a beautiful collection for this coming fall 2013. Dark images just hinting at the clothes, not actually showing them wholly. Well, that is totally in sync with what R13 aims for – their jeans are just not for everybody. They are exclusive and elusive and you’d better be part of the cult to wear them (well, THE R13 cult, that is, of course LOL!). These jeans do not come cheap. Their price ranges from $345 up to over $1,000 for their most amazing leather chaps, an R13 trademark jean.

So you are asking, what’s so exclusive and special about their jeans? And my answer is straight and clear: R13 does not concern itself with fashion. They make their own fashion, And they succeed – wildly! When everybody is into skinny, they come up with their own vision of a skinny. They do relaxed and slouchy (see image above) instead of boyfriends and boyjeans. When others all want prints and frills, they keep their jeans dark and sandwashed in a way that no one else does. It’s hard to explain, you have to check them out yourself.

You can find R13 at Barneys and Bergdorf among other high end stores.

So, doesn’t it sound as if I am in total love with R13!?

R13 F/W 2013 Lookbook  R13-New-FW13-21.jpg
R13 F/W 2013 Lookbook  R13-New-FW13-06.jpg
R13 F/W 2013 Lookbook  R13-New-FW13-23.jpg

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