Spanx Does Denim Now! Spanx-FW13-02.jpg

Yep – you did read that right! “Girdle” manufacturer Spanx has really branched out into denim! And not your kind of everyday denim, they are actually denim leggings, or should I say, leggings made to look like denim? Their prices range from $68 to $108 which is actually not that expensive compared to their “real” Spanx clothing.

Well, you can probably figure out that I, yours truly, being a denim head, I am not too keen on those, but I am sure that for those of you who appreciate Spanx, these will be a perfect solution.Let us know what you think!

Spanx Does Denim Now! Spanx-FW13-01.jpg
Spanx Does Denim Now! Spanx-FW13-03.jpg
Spanx Does Denim Now! Spanx-FW13-04.jpg