Victoria Beckham F/W 13 Lookbook VictoriaBeckham-aw13_vb1_indigo_vintage_1-2-composite.jpg

Victoria Beckham
, known for her very sexy self reflecting jeans, has branched out into a wider range of denim styles. Besides her staple skinnies and flares, you can also find some very interesting leather panel ankle jeans and boyfriend styles. Perfectly well paired with lighter color denim shirts and fun sweaters, the looks shown here are perfect for fall and winter.

Victoria Beckham F/W 13 Lookbook VictoriaBeckham-aw13_vb108_rich_blue_1-2-composite.jpg
Victoria Beckham F/W 13 Lookbook VictoriaBeckham-aw13_vbj104_navy_1-2-composite.jpg
Victoria Beckham F/W 13 Lookbook VictoriaBeckham-aw13_vbj104_navy_3-4-composite.jpg

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