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Wrangler Europe just extended their website and now you will be able to browse and buy lots and lots of denim from there.

“The simple, user-friendly design allows easy-browsing of Wrangler’s extended selection of denim. Visitors can immerse themselves in the iconic Wrangler brand via smart lookbooks and interactive mini-sites, while the Europe-wide Store Locator guides
shoppers to the nearest Wrangler dealer. The new language facility opens up the fresh content to Russian, Polish and German internauts.

The clean, fast and mobile-friendly portal showcases new design platform Denim Performance, with Formula 1 champion Kimi Raikkonen as brand ambassador. Functional and future-focused, Denim Performance revitalizes the details, fabrics and finishes of jeans, shirts and jackets. Wrangler Denim Spa, the women’s collection of great fitting jeans infused with cosmetic ingredients, also takes its own chapter to display a beautiful range of wintery finishes.”

Ah yes! The Wrangler Denim Spa! Remember, those are the jeans that come infused with a body lotion! This must be an amazing feeling – hopefully we’ll be able to find these soon here in the US as well!

Wrangler Europe - Website Relaunch Wrangler-EUrFW13-101.jpg
Wrangler Europe - Website Relaunch Wrangler-EUrFW13-01.jpg
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