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We, at Denimology, are extremely proud and delighted of having witnessed and helped the Bluer Denim Launch!

– After completing a resoundingly successful Kickstarter Campaign in July, Bluer Denim, the American premium denim brand, debuts its first collection at their brand new website. The brand announces the launch of true premium, world class, 100% transparently sourced, American made jeans and denim products at previously impossible prices by being sold directly to consumers online, targeting the 18 to 24 year old male and female demographic. In addition, Bluer will introduce its Buy One, Give One philanthropic program of next generation corporate responsibility. Finally, a denim industry first: Home Try-On service will be added in the fall. Bluerʼs business model is revolutionary in the
denim world.

Transparently 100% Made In America

Bluer takes the concept of Made In U.S.A. very seriously. Designed in Portland, Oregon, all materials used to make Bluer jeans have been entirely sourced in the United States. Unlike many ʻMade in the USAʼ brands, the materials used by Bluer have never left American soil. The collection features cotton grown in Georgia, Cone White Oak denim milled in North Carolina, and buttons, rivets and zippers forged in Kentucky. Using environmentally friendly ozone laundry processes, each piece is cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles.

Impossible Pricing

Bluer jeans will start at a retail price of just $98, which is approximately one half the price of comparable products sold through the traditional wholesale/retail model, many of which are made overseas using lesser quality materials and trims, that also create a much larger environmental footprint.
“We constantly see other brands claiming to be premium, but Bluer is actually genuine premium 100% USA made denim, in every sense of the word,” said Founder Jeff Shafer.

Buy One, Give One Philanthropic Goal

Bluer believes re-purposing & recycling beats everything in the world of sustainability. Therefore, Bluer is introducing a revolutionary program to get unwanted jeans out of its customerʼs closets and into the hands of those in need. For every pair of jeans a customer purchases from the Bluer website, Bluer will buy back a used pair from them for $5. Bluer will subsequently sanitize, repair and deliver the jeans to someone who really needs them. While this will cost Bluer around 10% of sales, it is, according to Shafer, the most important element to him:
“Iʼll consider The Bluer Denim project a failure if Bluer is financially successful but our Buy-One, Give-One program is not adopted by our customers.” Jeff Shafer.

Home Try-On For Free

Home Try-On service will be introduced this holiday season, creating an unparalleled buying experience in the denim industry. Customers will be able to try on jeans in their own home at no cost whatsoever. Bluer will ship the selected jeans and the customer will have 14 days to ship back unwanted pairs in the prepaid box. Bluer customers will only pay for what they keep. Home Try-On is completely free with no upfront fees or shipping costs. A straight purchase option will be offered from launch.

Well, this is absolutely the most amazing online purchase concept I have ever came across to! And not only that, the philanthropic purpose of Jeff Shafer is something that I wish more people and brands would adopt.
Denimology wishes Jeff Shafer and this amazing project the best of luck and we are asking our readers to participate and let us know about their Bluer Denim experience!

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