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Coterie – Flashes 2

Coterie – Flashes 2
Coterie - Flashes 2 Min Pink polka dot jeans and bustier dress.JPG
{Mink Pink – polka dot bustier dress and jeans, this dress is absolutely adorable!)

Enjoy the final round of my Coterie S/S 14 impressions. Definitely one trend is going to be big: Hippie’s in the 70’s and 80’s. And I love it. This is going to be pure and unadulterated denim with some flower embroidery here and there, lots of patchwork and overalls, but basically, we are “back to denim”!

Coterie - Flashes 2 A.N.D. colorblock denim and coated.JPG
{A.N.D. is branching out from their basic denim, including some beautiful color block and coated jeans and jackets}
Coterie - Flashes 2 Better In Blue laser crackle print - these are supersoft.JPG
(Better In Blue – laser crackle print, these jeans are unbelievably soft!}
Coterie - Flashes 2 Frame white overalls.JPG

{Frame – white overalls – a change from the blues!)
Coterie - Flashes 2 Frame overalls details.JPG
{Frame – white overalls details}
Coterie - Flashes 2 Frankie B hippie chic.JPG
{Frankie B – Hippie chic}
Coterie - Flashes 2 3x1 ripped denim with inside patches.JPG
{3×1 – ripped and re-patched denim, they are also expanding their line from the more basic denim to fashion denim and doing an amazing job!!}
Coterie - Flashes 2 Robin's Jean tiny studs and sparkles tie dyed.JPG
{Robin’s Jean – trust Robin to come up with new “rock ideas” for every collection, those studded jeans are awesome!}
Coterie - Flashes 2 Paperdenim and Cloth back to the 80's.JPG
{Paper Denim & Cloth – back to the 80’s}
Coterie - Flashes 2 paperdenim and cloth zippers.JPG
{Paper Denim & Cloth – zippers on front and back pockets}