Coterie - Meet the Designers Jimmy Taverniti Mr. D-ID.JPG
{Jimmy Taverniti – D-ID }

Coterie for me is not only a place to check out what’s new in denim, but it is also a “social media” place. I have the chance to meet and talk to a lot of designers and today was one of these days when I got lucky and met another denim icon, French born Jimmy Taverniti, currently designer and creator of the D-ID denim brand. Remember the brand “Taverniti So“? Just to mention one of Jimmy’s many ventures.

He walked me through his new S/S 14 collection and told me about his creations in his adorable French accent. Totally dedicated to denim and with an awesome background and denim history, I learned a lot of new stuff today. Below you can see a few pieces of his latest collection and I will be posting more styles soon.

Coterie - Meet the Designers D-ID supertreated denim.JPG
Coterie - Meet the Designers D-ID embroidered denim.JPG

I have also had the pleasure of meeting the two denim lady gurus of Calvin Rucker, Caroline Calvin and Joie Rucker. Both of them have an extensive denim background – remember Joie Jeans?! Their denim is amazing and we will be working on some very cool editorials about their newest baby, Calvin Rucker. Let me just tell you for now that they have all their denim created in a special wash house in Italy and that their S/S 14 collection is simply awesome.

Coterie - Meet the Designers The Calvin Rucker gals in boyfriends and super skinny studded.JPG
{Joie Rucker (right), and Caroline Calvin (middle)}

Another impressive meeting was with Jamie Haller, creative director of the ever growing NSF brand. WOW, she might not be a denim guru – YET, but she is certainly on her way LOL! She thinks about denim the same way I do and is always evangelizing about it: Denim should be denim, not some decorative piece of clothing. We believe in pure and simple denim in all shapes and styles, in all kinds of washes and with all kinds of treatments, as long as it is “real” denim, as we both call it. Check out below some of the key items of the NSF S/S 14 collection.

Coterie - Meet the Designers NSF super patched and destructed shorts with contrast stitching.JPG

And – what a pleasant and unexpected surprise, I also got to meet the designer and owner of Swedish brand, STROM, Erika Stromqvist. A true Swedish supermodel turned designer, she was absolutely sympatica and adorable and so much fun to talk to, bubbling and all excited about her S/S 14 collection. And rightly so, I found her denim to be one of the most intriguing collections at Coterie. This lady sure knows how to create real “denim fashion”, using selvedge and European denim for all of her creations. No gummy or latex jeans (LOL, I just invented this expression!) here. See below a few of her most outstanding styles. You can see the dress below, it is a first time for me: a selvedge denim dress, super soft, and with metal buttons running down the back of the dress. Also, there is a skirt, which is not really a skirt, but also turns into a pair of shorts, well, we call this a skort – remember what you used to wear in elementary school?! I know that STROM is here to stay and will continue giving us some really outstanding and insane denim to wear. 🙂

Coterie - Meet the Designers STROM selvedge dress and vest - the dress has buttons back.JPG
Coterie - Meet the Designers STROM skirt=short=skort.JPG
Coterie - Meet the Designers Strom short=skirt=skort.JPG
Coterie - Meet the Designers STROM leather jacket short sleeves and shoulder zipper.JPG
Coterie - Meet the Designers STROM denim shirt and white denim jacket.JPG