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Diesel – The Jogg Jeans

Diesel – The Jogg Jeans
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Ever felt like feeling comfy and edgy and stylish at the same time? Well, fuggetabout your old sweats! Diesel just made your day -and this goes as of now for you guys as well as for you chicks, who have had already plenty of opportunities to try on these amazing jeans!

“You can do anything in Jogg Jeans

Comfort – check
Edgy – check
Stylish – check

“In the first campaign since his appointment as Artistic Director of DIESEL, Nicola Formichetti is collaborating with a group of extraordinary dancers to celebrate the new Jogg Jeans collection, emphasizing movement, comfort and style and showing that you can do anything in these jeans. The unique flexible material of Jogg Jeans denim is revealed through an explosive interplay of classical and street-based dance. The focus is on shape and movement – exploring the surreal flexible denim ‘look’ of Jogg Denim. The movement emphasizes the extremes – pushing the human body to the limits of shape and form. You can do anything in Jogg Jeans.

To complement the Jogg Jeans campaign and encourage social engagement Nicola Formichetti created a series of short films set to Azealia Banks new song “ATM Jam”. Nicola looked to the cast as his inspiration for how they moved, danced and felt in the denim. The energy is high and the style is free – pushing the experience of dance on the world’s streets into the fast [pace] of digital and fashion.

Jogg Jeans puts the durability of Diesel denim into motion. A cutting edge crossbreed between jeans and activewear, crafted in a unique fabric that weaves together the style of denim with the versatility of jersey, it’s the original hybrid jean. You now have the freedom to move like never before.”

And you thought that styling “sweats” with stilettos was a “OMG no way ever”! Well, think again, LOL! And why not go all the way and slip into a silk shirt and a tuxedo jacket to complete the outfit! You will so ROCK!

And you guys, how about pairing your Joggs with a striped button down, a navy sportsjacket and cool oxfords?! Because, in the immortal words of those sartorial sages, ZZ Top, “… every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.”