Iconic American Jeans brand Lee® is fast approaching its landmark 125 year anniversary; as the big year approaches, it show no signs of slowing down… by all accounts it looks like there will be even more reasons to celebrate.

Beginning in January 2014 Lee® will announce a year long campaign of Birthday
celebrations!!! And don’t we all just love any good reason to celebrate, YEAH! Especially celebrating denim, wearing denim and loving denim!

Building on the dance theme from the previous season, this high octane viral video takes cues and nuances from art house cinema and musical choreography to deliver a broody and emotive short film that is equally enticing and mesmerising. There is a deliberately stylized mood to the piece that was directed by Arnaud Uytenhove with choreography by Celia hall and shot in downtown LA.

The video is presented as an almost hypnotic experience, the movie is talking to the very heart of your unconscious, sweeping you up into the intense moods set to a stirring beat laden soundtrack that serves as a perfect accompaniment.

F/W13 Move Your Lee®  Ad Campaign MOVE_YOUR_LEE_1.jpg
F/W13 Move Your Lee®  Ad Campaign MOVE_YOUR_LEE_2.jpg
F/W13 Move Your Lee®  Ad Campaign MOVE_YOUR_LEE_3.jpg