G-Star F/W Men's Lookbook GSTAR-M-A-Crotch-Overshirt-Correct-Shirt-ARC-slim-3D-Jkt-A-CROTCHT-064 2.jpg

For the fall and winter season 2013, G-Star features a broad range of styles in different shades of intense dark indigo. Denim highlight is the Type C denim with its modern loose fit. This 3D denim is partly inspired by the late1940s US Servicemen, whose pants had a tapered fit and worn-in knees.

G-Star F/W Men's Lookbook GSTAR-M-Hawkins-Overshirt-Aero-SW-Jerry-SS-TYPEC-3D-067.jpg
G-Star F/W Men's Lookbook GSTAR-M-Davin-Peacoat-Faroes-Gilet-Grayson-Straight-Tacom-Shirt-161.jpg
G-Star F/W Men's Lookbook GSTAR-M-Oregon-Jkt-Contrast-Shawl-Collar-ARC-3D-Slim-039.jpg

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