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GAP – Back To Blue TV Commercial

GAP – Back To Blue TV Commercial

Denim X Music – I really like this concept: don’t we all wear our jeans when we listen to music LOL! And how about the “Blues” – double sense: Blues, the music, and Blues, well, our jeans!

Gap’s fall global marketing campaign – Back to Blue – continues today with the launch of two videos that reinforce the idea of getting back to what matters most– our truest selves. Each spot features a contemporary musician – Alexa Ray Joel and Dhani Harrison – who for the first time is recording a song made famous years ago by their parent and making it their own.

Grounded in the idea of expressing one’s authentic self, these raw and intimate renditions are modern takes on classic pieces and provide a rare glimpse into the soul and journey of each artist.

Illustrating her skills as a pianist, American singer and songwriter, Alexa Ray Joel, sings her version of father Billy Joel’s classic, “Just the Way You Are.” In 1979, the iconic melody won Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Expressing his love for the blues, English musician, Dhani Harrison, performs “For You Blue,” a song written by his father, George Harrison. “For You Blue” was first recorded in 1969 and then released on The Beatles’ “Let it Be” album a year later.

Recognizing that people consume media through various channels, Gap developed its video content to extend well beyond the TV set and unveiled the spots through an exciting three-screen strategy. As an exclusive first for Gap, the brand revealed the two spots on Twitter first and is also leveraging the platform as an extension of a traditional TV network.