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Nowadays the definition of denim is totally different than it was 20 years ago and is not as simple as you might think. Today’s technology and innovation has taken this traditionally 100% cotton fabric to a whole new level to keep up with the fast-moving, always changing and demanding life style of the consumer. Now we expect our jeans to make us slimmer without dieting, to be comfy like pajamas while still having a tailored look and even protect us from the cold and heat. All of this may sound crazy but it is possible thanks to companies like iSKO of SANKO group, one of the world’s largest denim producers, and INVISTA, the world’s largest producer of polymers and fibers with well-know trademarked innovations including LYCRA and COOLMAX.

Last week I was fortunate enough to be at one of the exclusive iSKO Insider events co-sponsored by INVISTA here in Los Angeles. Event attendees had the opportunity to find out more about their latest technologies in denim and see examples of their use and I must say there was so much to learn! The number and scale of iSKO’s revolutionary projects from SLOWFADE with its anti-aging indigo effect to SPECTRA coated fabrics is almost incomprehensible. And though for most of you those names may not sound familiar you probably know their benefits very well. The always flattering 7 For All Mankind Second Skin Slim Illusion was created from iSKO’s unique REFORM fabric and the HUDSON x TurboTech jeans that go from raw to a vintage look in only 30 days is also possible due to one of iSKO’s technologies.

Clearly such breakthroughs in textile go hand in hand with research and innovation in polymers and fibers and INVISTA is a global leader in this field. Their XFit LYCRA technology uses ground-breaking LYCRA T400 fiber allowing fabrics to stretch in all directions, have less shrinkage and impeccable recovery for 360 degree comfort and a perfect fit.

Besides a technical overview, iSKO insiders were shown samples from a line specifically created to demonstrate the wide range of capabilities and looks of their fabrics. It was incredible to see that even after heavy processing they maintained all of their qualities and even retained its 40% stretch!

The seminar ended with a trend report by Yuji Honzawa, a.k.a. Dr. Denim, sharing his vision for upcoming seasons. According to his forecast the “hottest” washes will range from clean and simple natural greys and blacks to, and I quote, “crazy but beautiful” intensely destroyed all in rigid denim. As far as fits go, for guys the Slim Straight will still be THE ONE and for girls it’s a modern take on a Baby Boot with a shorter inseam.

At the very beginning of the event Hamit Yenici, the Product Development Director, said “iSKO makes denim for the future.” I can definitely say that the future will be very exciting!

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Hamit Yenici, Product Development Director at iSKO, about RECALL IN SHAPE yarn technology
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Jean T. Hegedus, Global Marketing Director at INVISTA, about XFit LYCRA

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Moreno De Angelis, Garment Washing Manager iSKO at iSKOTECA, Italy, about fabrics maintaining their features after heavy processing

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Trend Report and sample collection prepared by Yuji Honzawa, a.k.a. Dr. Denim

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Elena Zueva-Smith
I am the EU contributor and product reviewer for Denimology. From the time I was 5 years old browsing through my first fashion magazine I knew I wanted to be in this industry. While working as a Merchandiser at Gloria Jeans, the largest denim manufacturer and retailer in Russia, I discovered my passion for denim. It fascinated me then and years later it fascinates me even more. Every day I learn and discover something new and exciting about denim and am thrilled to do it hand in hand with all of you!