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All my regular Denimology readers know by now that I am not too crazy about skinny-skinnier- skinniest jeans, right? But every once in a while I come across a pair that absolutely makes me feel like OMG I gotta try these on, I just love the way they look, and their wash or style or zipper detail,,,,well, there is always a pair of skinnies that somehow makes me fall in love IN SPITE of my preference for slouchier and loose fitting jeans.

Well, James Jeans has made me fall in love not once, but several times already with one of their insane skinny styles, the Twiggy Jeans and I would like to share the story about how they “happened”, so here is what James Jeans tell us

“A very long time ago when “Sammy” was our slimmest style. Seun (James Jeans designer) wanted to create a true legging fit jean. We knew the fabrication would be the key here so we searched high and low since back then Mill’s weren’t producing tons of super stretch fabric! This was before the craze hit. We tested literally around 30 different fabrications but none of them moved – couldn’t breathe in them really! Couldn’t even bend your knees. One night I got one of our samples back and it was probably around 4 days from our show date so we had practically given up on having anything ready for our show. I got the sample and tracked Seun down. I met her in a little conference room at Aroma (her Gym/spa) and pulled from my tote bag the China Doll’s. She swiftly pulled them on and this part will surely seem unbelievable but as she moved around and bent her knees she was full of excitement and then told me “time for the true test” I then watched her jump into the splits! We managed to create samples just in time for the show and the rest is history. Since then Mill’s have thankfully made “Jegging” fabrication the number one item they continuously develop and supply so searching till your hands bleed from touching fabric is no longer necessary thankfully.

Twiggy China Doll went on to be our best selling Jegging of all time and we continue to churn out Twiggy’s in a variety of washes, colors, cords, textures, velvets, coated’s, Jeathers, etc. and it is all thanks to our first born Twiggy China Doll.”

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