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Lisette Loves: BLK DNM Platt Jeans

Lisette Loves: BLK DNM Platt Jeans
Lisette Loves: BLK DNM Platt Jeans BLKDNM-Closeup-04.jpg

For some time now I have been curious about this NY based brand with a Swedish head designer, BLK DNM. I loved the video clip featuring Gisele Bündchen, and I got quite intrigued when I posted their F/W13 lookbook. So, the other day, during FWNY, I was able to check out their store and see the jeans for myself. A very helpful and extremely knowledgeable PR lady, Sanna, chose a few pairs of their newest style, the Platt Jeans, for me to take home and try on. Which I did, and I fell in lust – insanely in lust. Those jeans are not the kind of jeans I usually favor, they are VERY skinny – and you all know I so prefer a more slouchy or boyfriend style – but I had nothing to lose in trying them on with an open mind and yep – I got hooked.

The secret of those Platts is very simple: First, their wash: The gold one isn’t really a gold pair of jeans, it is a pair of jeans with a gold, almost bronze, coating which makes them totally edgy. Also, the inside zipper on the legs is quite long, which gives me a lot of options how to style them: with the zipper completely closed and platform booties, wedge sneakers, like my fave ASH, or outrageous stiletto pumps. Or, I can leave the zipper half open and wear them with some rad oxfords or even my Doc Martens, and this gives me a so grungy look!

The black coated Platts come in two versions: The leather-like coated, and the matte coated. Depending on the look you want to achieve, either one can be styled “up” or “down”.

There is also a high waisted pure denim version of this style, which comes in black, grey and beige and those are a total hit, too. They fit extremely well around the hips and legs, and do not gap at the waist.

Just for the record, Sanna told me to upsize the coated styles, because they do not have a lot of stretch. And to downsize the regular denim, and she was right on both accounts.

Jen, our product reviewer, will be doing a review of these shortly, so be sure not to miss it 🙂

And now, just to sum this up, I do have a serious problem: I cannot decide which one of these jeans I love best. BLK DNM, can I please have one of each in each color and wash LOL!!

Lisette Loves: BLK DNM Platt Jeans BLKDNM-Closeup-03.jpg
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