Pippa Middleton In MET Pippa in MET-01.jpg

It’s been a while that we have not posted anything about Pippa Middleton, and now we see her again and wowsie, does she ever rock a pair of MET EcoPelle jeans! I love the way they look on her. Italian brand MET sure does know how to make absolutely cool leather-like jeans. I am talking here from my own experience, as they had gifted me a pair a while ago. These jeans are of a heavier consistency and very stretchy, nothing like jeggings, they absolutely look like real leather pants.

Oh, and in case you are loving her handbag as well, this is a Paige satchel in navy/white from Paul’s Boutique, cool bag, isn’t it!

Pippa Middleton In MET Pippa in MET-02.jpg