ACNE F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Acne-FW13-W-01a.jpg

The thing with Swedish brand ACNE is that they are like kind of a cult brand, as I had mentioned already in my write-up a couple of months ago, but then again, as the time passes, I see that they are becoming more and more popular here in the US. I feel that is because ACNE does keep their jeans very simple, even stark. There are some exceptions like the silver paneled jeans and the one single print in their whole collection. BUT, the cut and style of the jeans and the denim itself are sick, awesome and totally insane! For instance, the jeans shown above are a boyfriend style, except ACNE made them straight leg and with a small drop crotch, no rolling up at the cuffs, just to be worn straight and not tight fitting. Their most famous style, the POP Jeans – shown in the first thumbnail row below, are simply unique. You are supposed to wear them loose fitting and the hem has to hit a couple of inches above the ankle. What a fun way to show off your booties and even some of your rad socks without having to resort to cropped ankle skinnies.

Well, I guess you have figured it out – I am insanely in love with ACNE and I have yet to be disappointed with one of their styles, including their high waisted skinny or the Flex, which is their mid rise skinny. All of their jeans fit perfectly even though they tend to have less stretch in them than the usual American jeans.

Way to go, ACNE!

ACNE F/W 2013 Women's Lookbook Acne-FW13-W-02a.jpg

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