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Elena Style – Triarchy Leather Wash Skinny in Charcoal

Elena Style – Triarchy Leather Wash Skinny in Charcoal
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Triarchy is a Canadian premium denim brand from Vancouver that I’ve been curious about for a while. Just like you, I have seen some of their Lookbooks published here on Denimology and all of them have been really great. Unfortunately I have never had the chance to check out their jeans in real life until now; here is my review for the Triarchy Leather Wash Skinny in Charcoal.

This leather wash is a bit different from any other ones I’ve seen before. It doesn’t have that glistening shine that you would expect from coated denim but in fact has a powdery, matte finish. It really reminds me of vintage distressed leathers that don’t have the typical more modern gloss. Such a unique interpretation of this season’s “leather craze” brings a fresh new spin to this “tough chic” trend. I also like the Charcoal color choice and its earthy, natural shade -a sophisticated and very versatile hue. By the way, the Triarchy hardware in gunmetal with stylized signature “T” is super cool and fits the style of these jeans perfectly.

The brand developed a really great skinny fit that all of you girls will also like. The fairly low front rise combined with a higher back rise is very flattering to the stomach area and makes your tush look nice and round. The slightly smaller pockets are placed intentionally higher which helps to keep the lines clean and create a desirable shape. The overall silhouette is slimming and elongating. These jeans come in a 32″ inseam which I think is a bit too long for an 11″ leg opening so I altered them to avoid the stacking on the bottom.

These Triarchy Skinnies are one of the most comfortable pairs of jeans I have ever owned; hard to believe they are coated denim! They truly are DIVINE to wear! The super soft, velvety hand feel and amazing stretchiness make these jeans as comfy as your fave lounge pant but they look so much sexier 🙂 The complex fabric content of 42% tencel, 33% cotton, 15% rayon, 9% poly and 1% lycra also promotes great recovery and helps the jeans keep their original shape.

Considering that I have never tried Triarchy jeans before I was hesitant about the size but as I found out my usual 24 fits perfectly like they were made specifically for me 🙂
The Triarchy Leather Wash Skinny in Charcoal made me a big fan of the brand. Everything from the fit to the construction and wash is well thought out and executed nicely to create a truly great pair of jeans. I definitely hope to add more Triarchy denim to my wardrobe in the future!

Check for the Triarchy Leather Wash Skinny in Charcoal online.

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  1. This is absolutely an interesting wash….quite different from all the shiny leather coating out there!

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