Goldsign Holiday  2013 Lookbook Goldsign-H-13-02.jpg

With this crazy summer weather here in NYC still going strong, it is kinda difficult for me to even think of winter, holiday and snow and cold! But, sigh, of course, it will come. So let’s see the good side at least, and nothing better than a good excuse to buy some new denim. Adriano Goldschmied has designed a beautiful denim collection for us for this holiday ’13 season, and I especially want to point out the Lisette jean below YAY! It’s actually quite a coincidence, according to the Goldsign peeps, but then again, you never know for sure, right! As a matter of fact, I kinda feel so good about my namesake jeans, that I have asked our product reviewer, Jen, if she would like to review these, as she is a huge fan of flares! Check back here soon to see the review.

Goldsign Holiday  2013 Lookbook Lisette Jeans.jpg
Goldsign Holiday  2013 Lookbook Goldsign-H-13-15.jpg
Goldsign Holiday  2013 Lookbook Goldsign-H-13-04.jpg

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