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Nobody less than denim icon Michael Press behind this new brand, Greywire. Just imagine, a guy like him, ex president of Elizabeth and James Textile, and with the experience of having worked with brands like Vintage Revolution Jeans, Ropa Siete Leguas, Denim Factory, Earnest Sewn and Paige. Elie Tahari called Michael to create his denim line, and Michael is once more the head of a new brand, Greywire.

I loved having the chance of talking to Michael at this press preview for S/S ’14. We had met several times before and I am always amazed about how much Michael knows about denim. I see Greywire huge in the near future.

For me, knowing quite a lot of people that design jeans and work with denim, Michael Press is the “Master of the boyfriend jeans”. You have to listen to him how he believes that boyfriends should be worn and styled, and we are going to do an interview exactly on this subject within the next few months. And of course, as you can see in this preview, Michael is totally believing in the boyfriends and btw – he calls them girlfriend jeans!

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  1. everything this guy touches he rots. can't believe people keep hiring him. guess no one does backround checks anymore

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